Friday, December 28, 2012

Filmovi napadaju

70-ih godina prošlog stoljeća opet jedna vrsta revolucije filma, i smjera u kojem ide filmska industrija. Nakon povijesnih, dokumentarnih i ostalih žanrova, akcija dobiva zamah, počinju se snimati filmovi akcije, filmovi koji mjenjaju precepciju publike na film. Česte su teme filmova, zločin i kriminal, te njihovo spriječavanje od strane policije i FBI-a, a znaju se ubaciti i pametni detektivi kao vrhunac kada se mora riješiti kompliciran i težak slučaj. Ti filmovi dolaze u europu i osvajaju europsku publiku, kao i oni kojima su glavna tema borilačke vještine dalekog istoka, u kojima je Bruce Lee bio jako popularan i ostao do današnjeg dana. Poslije akcije počinju se više praviti humoristični i komedije ali o komediji u drugom poglavlju.

Friday, October 26, 2012

What to do when confronted with the probability that a child uses drugs?

If you are experiencing with suspicion that your child tryied some of psychoactive drugs (most likely marijuana, or ecstasy), the first reaction is probably disbelief, shock, disappointment and anger. All these reactions the child should see and experience, you have the right to express their feelings and show their aversion to drugs. Do not take in the story that it was "for someone else" or "that it only keeps for a party on Saturday." Although you are not easy to keep the conversation open, trying not to insult but also not to be impressed by the imaginative efforts of justification.

Do not attempt to cover up the situation, either before him or before a child, trying to find an easy excuse to believe that this is a passing episode. Do not think that will solve everything by itself, although you should try to weigh the true gravity of the situation.

Of concern, risk awareness and intergroup trust. Try it now (if not earlier) to find out more about the environment in which it moves and how it came to drugs. Do not be overcome panic and hysteria, but do not think that this is just a trivial episode. Do not fall for the argument "everybody is doing it." Young people use that argument every time you move in the negotiation of a parental permission - go to the disco until the morning, sleeping away from home, trips, etc.

If you are trained in other requirements, you know that ordinary search lists "that we all", they are easy to refute these "arguments". But the perception of young people about certain behaviors among their peers is indeed higher than the actual frequency of specific behaviors. They only selectively recognize only those behaviors that are important to them and to which are invited. Therefore it is essential that you have genuine arguments based on real facts, and it is important that they know to interpret their experience of peer environment.

Deny or severely limit the pocket money, because money for drugs derived from those money that you give him for a sandwich, juice, cinema or disco. Explain that you do not want money spent on drugs and that the allowance be able to resume when you show responsibility towards themselves and towards money. You can reduce television viewing, the length of telephone calls, internet use (just pay the surplus account of the child's pocket money). You can restrict outings, employ any child activities for home or school, or intense sport that requires frequent training (in the early stages it succeeds). But also, you have often, very often go to school and to control absences and grades. If you can, talk to the parents of his friends. Although they say that it all means, ask him about all the harmful effects of drugs (not just their own statements, ask about the web site, please bring appropriate information home).
Tell him that the new findings more serious than was assumed - all drugs affect brain function and can cause permanent damage. Also you'll need to change your daily schedule of commitments and spend more time with your child, come to terms with the team to delay or minimize the travel and being away from home, and constantly monitored, supervised and talk, talk ...

Testing, as a measure of early detection followed by vocational intervention and appropriate treatment of only a link in the chain of professional procedures in the joint efforts of the community and professionals to prevent the development of drug abuse.

Today is about the drug testing and possible organized the testing procedure knows little or insufficient, and opens the possibility for different speculation, doubt, and half-truths. Therefore, on testing, its advantages, disadvantages, concerns, legal and ethical aspects, should also be reliable and accurate information.

The testing procedure requires the obtaining of bodily samples (urine, saliva, hair, sweat, blood). The most common method of testing urine. Just taking the cause must be strictly monitored to avoid substitution, dilution or other manipulation. for all minors, written consent for testing must be granted by the parents.

For each test can be up and false positive and false negative results. Conventional methods of negative results are considered negative, while positive (if it is the first test) require confirmation or additional confirmation, sophisticated methods.

Urine testing will be done only if the person has taken psychoactive substances for which the test is scheduled, and whether it took a period of time prior to testing. Testing will show whether the person took the instrument ever in my life, even if it took that much time before testing that it was impossible to determine.

A key problem with that before any decision about testing should face is what to do in case of positive findings. For such a situation should be exactly worked out the algorithms of behavior and conduct, that is the very fact that someone had taken psychoactive substances would not be manipulated in terms of repression, the pressure on parents and school, inadequate involvement of individuals and families into the program, etc.

Taking into account all the limitations of urine drug testing as a screening of the entire population has no technical justification. Just testing does not solve the problem.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer of chemicals that destroy malignant cells. They are often referred to as cytostatic, cytotoxic, antitumor or anticancer drugs. Name of chemotherapy is used as a treatment for malignant cell growth is controlled by chemical means. He is the founder of chemotherapy Paul Ehrlich German researcher (1854 to 1915th), who used the chemicals in the treatment of infectious diseases (salvarasan in the treatment of syphilis). The first modern chemotherapeutic agent in the treatment of tumors was poison nitrogen mustard applied to the 1943rd in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease . In recent decades, more than 50 types of cytotoxic drugs used to treat over 200 different malignant tumors. Normal cells in the body grow, divide, and die under control. The tumor occurs when the body loses that control, and the cells continue to rapidly divide and produce new cells. Cytostatics destroy malignant cells inhibiting their growth and division. These drugs do not act selectively, ie only the malignant cells, but can damage healthy cells in the body, especially those that divide rapidly: blood cells, the lining of the digestive tract, gametes, the hair follicle. That damage to healthy cells causing unwanted side effects of chemotherapy. Damaged cells usually regenerate after cessation of chemotherapy.
Because cancer drugs in different ways stop the cell cycle, in order to better antitumor effect is often at the same time give two or more types of drugs. This is known as polychemotherapy or combined with chemotherapy.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Medical terminology dictionary

Encyclopedic dictionary of human and veterinary medical terminology is important for consistency and accuracy of vocational language. Latin and Greek sources provide the medical terminology of international importance, but comparatively developed and terminology in the vernaculars. Although in our systematic collection of medical terminology in a considerable extent developed in the late XIX. century, this region is dominated gaps to demanding project launched in cooperation with the English Academy of Arts and Sciences. 
Glossary of medical (human and veterinary) terminology adopted by the English word, showing her, usually in Latin, the origin, is a concise and accurate definition of the medical name given to the English and the Latin name gives synonyms in Spanish, German and French.
In the second part of the official index of Latin words. This has significantly enriched the legacy of the Institute gained developing medical encyclopedias and lexicons of Medicine and the database is created, which will continue to be supplemented. As a systematic account of all the medical terminology dictionary is an invaluable normative value of the discrepancy is corrected with respect to many other nations that already have similar manuals.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy dinner recipes

Diet Tartar sauce

A dense liquid light yogurt (We recommend with Vitamin C, if possible)
1 medium to larger garlic (crushed)
a pinch of parsley, dried or fresh
teaspoon Vegeta or Vegeta Mediterranean salad
few drops of olive oil (optional)

The ingredients mix well and leave in the fridge. Super goes with poultry cooked fish of any kind (this is the best), soybeans (chopped steaks, medallions). You can also use it as a sauce for a seasonal salad. And how many calories there are yogurt (of course, if no oil)
You can put olive oil if You eat something cooked, if it is already baked in oil, then skip it.
It's really nice,people have been eating it even when they were on a diet.

Easy tomato vulture
couple of tablespoons of tomato concentrate or tomato juice, a milk carton
half an onion
Fresh soft Tomatoes (2) or canned tomato sauce
herbs - parsley, oregano, basil
a handful or two of rice or pasta for soup
few drops of olive oil (optional)

In water (about liter and a half) to put Vegeta and tomato concentrate (optional, and oil), cook until it boils. Then add the peeled and finely chopped tomatoes, or pelate (winter) and half the onion the cut once or twice (must be a great piece that can then be removed, even though I eat this) and leave for another 20 minutes to half an hour to soften all . Dosoliti and pepper to taste, put herbs and 2 Natreen (I love the sweet tomato, if you do not like one is enough. CAUTION! Cooked Natreen turns out sweeter than you may think). Then put the rice / pasta, when cooked soup is ready. Remove the "layer" port if you bothered (bothers many people). And enjoy your meal!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Medicine ball exercises

Many exercises are performed with medicine balls fall into the category of explosive exercises that raise heart rate and allow for quick entry into the fat burning zone.
Medical ball used in strength training, ie as a means of training with resistance but also as a prop in plyometric training. It can be used for exercise intensity upper body (arms and trunk) and lower body, and can be used in the exercises add and throws.
Mental advantage of using medicine balls is that it provides a different way to exercise and ejects the monotony and stress accumulated monotonous exercise (eg, daily workout at the gym with weights).
Medical Ball provides easy and efficient way to develop and improve basic fitness skills through the implementation of very simple and effective exercises. Exercises carried out with medicine balls connecting strength, speed, endurance, precision, explosiveness through throwing, catching and hitting that can be performed individually or in pairs with another person or with a wall that serves as an imitation of a partner.

There are medicine balls of different weights, different materials and different shapes: soft, hard, water, associated with the rod, connected to a rope, etc. With them to perform various exercises depending on what the goal is to improve and how. It also should be caution to avoid unwanted injuries of the locomotor apparatus and thus delay the progress and development of those skills that we want to target leverage. Through advances in the amount of training and experience you gain by practicing training with medicine balls (strength training, plyometric training) increase the intensity or ekstenzitet exercise by increasing the number of repetition, batch number, weight, medicine balls, exercise depending on the complexity of what is our aim and we want to achieve. The great advantage of working with medicine balls is that through it we can imitate the movements of any sport and even the intensity of a particular sport. 
Also if you look at the economy by providing training with medicine balls with respect to space, time and material constraints, we can see its advantages. Sufficient to us is an area of ​​30 meters for throwing exercises, minimal space we need for storing medical and balls are also not expensive to the extent as some other accessories. Also a number of trainees at a time may use one medicine balls. When creating a program to conduct exercises with medicine balls, especially pliometrijskih exercises should be taken into account the specificity of sport for which the work program.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter colds(cold sore)

In the winter climatic conditions and the rejection of certain protective measures, reduces the resistance of the organism lljudskoga to pathogens, decreased immunity. Acute respiratory diseases are the most common illnesses in all age groups. They can range from the common cold and fever and influenza and pneumonia. Vaccination against common fever is pointless because it can not be vaccinated against a hundred different possible viruses that cause. Vaccination against influenza has been successfully done for years.
In the winter climatic conditions and the rejection of certain protective measures, reduces the resistance of the human organism to pathogens, decreased immunity.
The adverse winter conditions, which favor the development of acute respiratory diseases: a sudden change in climate, with daily fluctuations in temperature that the body needs to adjust, and it consumes energy. Less power to remain so for the immune defense processes. I breathe in the mouth, the mucosa is cooled and is more susceptible to inflammatory processes. Similarly with the mucous membrane occurs in a dry warm place. Short winter sun does not have enough ultraviolet light to kill infectious germs. Strong winter winds or drafts caused by loss of body heat. In winter, food is low in fresh fruits and vegetables that are sources of defensive vitamin A and C. Smoking increases the risk of illness as well as smoke-filled room in a closed room. In a closed space nezračenom easier transmission of pathogens from one person to another.
The implementation of personal protective measures is the best way to prevent disease. The first is the strengthening of the immune system. In doing so, helps shower alternating hot (three minutes) and cold water (20 seconds) in three cycles, which is well accepted as a habit from childhood. A similar effect was walking in the fresh air every day fast pace for 30-40 minutes. We should breathe only through the nose because the nose warms the air and purify. It is useful to the winter sun. Good thing less to stay indoors, smoky or polluted urban area. If circumstances do not allow spending of fresh fruits and vegetables, should daily take pharmaceutical preparations which contain the necessary vitamins and minerals. Sneeze and cough into a handkerchief should be, and if you happen to sneeze in your arm, then it is advisable not to handle or touch the items until the wash. You need enough sleep and be rested.

Flu is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory system.
The type of seasonal and occurs in winter. Caused by a virus group A, B and C, which is transmitted through the air, then droplets during close contact with an infected person. The disease occurs abruptly, with a very marked general symptoms. Dominated by high temperature 38-40 C, severe pain in the muscles, joints and bones, headache, feeling of malaise and weakness, loss of appetite. After a few days appeared hoarseness, cough, pain behind the sternum, sore throat and inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). The main risk of occurrence of influenza complications during or after an illness, disease, and should remain in bed. The most common complications are bacterial infections, particularly pneumonia. More often, the elderly, chronic patients and in those with reduced resistance of the organism. It is essential in the treatment of rest, take plenty of fluids, vitamins and means for lowering the temperature and pain. Taking antibiotics does not make sense since it is a viral disease that they do not work. Antibiotic treatment is only required in case of secondary bacterial infection. After preboljenja should take some time to recover due to the exhaustion caused by the flu. Before the advent of epidemic influenza, possibly in October vaccinated against it with your doctor. The vaccine is given as an injection into the upper third of the humerus. Immunity develops in two to three weeks. The protection lasts for six months and should be repeated every year. Vaccination is particularly recommended for elderly patients, heart, kidney, lung diseases, diabetes and transplant individuals. People often make mistakes and I think every winter colds or illness with fever flu.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


 You're ready for baby! Wonderful! But there is still a problem. You spent several years constantly trying not to have a baby that you are completely forgotten what you do to get the baby. This text is just for you on the facts of conception about it when the best time for the baby.
Most women releasing eggs somewhere around two weeks before the first day of menstruation. If your cycles are regular, you can quite accurately calculate when ovulation will occur. Your egg has about 12 to 24 hours after he was discharged. If within this period meets the sperm get you baby!

To estimate when ovulation occurs, take the typical length of your cyclus (interval in days between two periods) and subtract the 14th The resulting number of date to the first day of menstruation. For example:

The first day of menstruation: March 5th
Length of cycle: 30 days
Calculation: 30 - 14 = 16 days
Ovulation: 16 + 5 = 21
You can expect to ovulate: March 21st

Some of the symptoms that may indicate that you are your most fertile have increased vaginal secretions, breast tension, heightened sexual desire.

On the other hand, sperm can survive in your body for several days. Therefore, your fertile days are approximately 5 days before ovulation (because smermiji in you waiting to leave the egg) and one day later (how much life the eggs).

Irregular or very short cycles can complicate an accurate forecast on ovuluacije. In this case it is necessary to use another method to determine the fertile days, such as measuring basal temperature, etc. The hormonal changes following ovulation causes an increase in basal temperature.
If you have a medical problem, even less, why you are taking medication, talk with your doctor whether you should continue taking the drug during pregnancy. Never interrupt the medication without checking with your doctor. Your doctor may advise you to try the treatment without medication (for example, reducing the consumption of acidic foods and alcohol for the prevention of heartburn), before turning to medicine. Many drugs are not tested on pregnant women and no one knows how they can affect the health of the fetus. For some have been shown to cause severe birth defects. So try to avoid taking drugs, unless they were specifically authorized by a physician who knows you are pregnant.

Drugs that should be avoided during pregnancy

Because some drugs may take days, weeks or even months to disappear from your body, try to stop taking medication even before pregnancy.

Androgens (hormones, which is useful for the treatment of endometritis)
     Anticoagulants (to prevent blood clotting)
     Anticonvulsants (to treat seizures)
     Antidepressants (fluoxetine, paroxetine and other selective inhibitors of serotonin)
     Antitiroidni drugs (to treat hyperactive thyroid gland)
     Aspirin, andol, ibuprofen and other anti-rheumatic drugs (eg voltaren, ketonal etc.) - Pain and high temperature
     Barbiturates (used to treat anxiety, pain and insomnia)
     Benzodiazepines (used to treat anxiety and insomnia)
     Chemotherapeutic drugs such as metotrexat (cancer treatment)
     Dietilstilbestrol (DES, which is used to treat problems with menstruation, the menopause and breast cancer)
     Estradiol (used in oral contraceptives)
     Isotretinoin (for acne)
     Lithium (used to treat maniac depressive and bipolar disorders)
     Non-sedating antihistamines (terfenadine, astemizole, which is taking anti-allergy)
     Streptomycin (an antibiotic used for treating tuberculosis)
     Tetracycline (an antibiotic for the treatment of viral infections

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Signs of pregnancy

Stay healthy when pregnant:

Every pregnant woman's life is a special time. This is a period of a woman to pay the most attention a healthy lifestyle, reasonable, balanced diet, harmful factors that may damage the embryo or fetus's health tax.
Alcohol is considered the most safe during pregnancy alcohol consumption is not, because the minimum amount of alcohol and alcohol can affect fetal development, resulting in the so-called. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS in the United States was diagnosed in 1750 newborns per year). FAS includes mental retardation, fetal growth retardation, including weight, height and head of the children, craniofacial, cardiac abnormalities, behavioral disorders perimeter. FAS is preventable, but you can not heal when damaged, but drinking during pregnancy. They are particularly dangerous spirit, but should avoid wine and beer, because the minimum drinking (1 drink per day) can cause fetal developmental defects, especially in the organs begin to form during pregnancy. Mild to moderate consumption of these beverages may lead to premature delivery.
Smoking, drugs and a very long time to have a clear recommended drugs: no smoking, no consumption of drugs. Obviously related to smoking, such as low birth weight, prematurity, low gestational age, sudden infant death syndrome and poor pregnancy outcome 1 age, birth stillbirth. The good news is that a significant number of pregnant women (40%) spontaneously stopped smoking during pregnancy, but 2 / 3 of these women do not abstain from smoking within the year of birth. Medication during pregnancy should not arbitrarily, but only in the doctor's recommendations, there is a drug consumption indicators, and categories, which for the safety of the fetus. Particularly sensitive period, the first three months, fetal organ development. In the systemic circulation, not only solved the rectal suppositories oral medication (oral), but also transdermally (through the skin) and, therefore, caution is necessary, mandatory, on the preparatory work of the doctor. Avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides and pesticides.

Coffee For most pregnant women, drinking two cups of coffee per day (containing approximately 150 milligrams of caffeine) is not dangerous, but we must avoid a lot of caffeine, 4 cups of coffee a day, or higher than the amount of over 500 mg of caffeine more pregnant. Caffeine (which includes chocolate, some soft drinks) 15 minutes after drinking coffee affect the central nervous system. Slight increase in blood pressure, heart rate and stimulate the body to reduce the amount of fluid in the urine, but the good hydration is the basis for a healthy pregnancy. Some studies suggest that more than 600 mg / day of caffeine can cause low birth weight.
Nutrition listeriosis caused by Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, and toxic and cause mild to severe gastrointestinal illness with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea is characterized. In severe cases of poisoning can cause abortion, that abortion, neonatal meningitis or sepsis. To prevent this situation from food-borne diseases, it is best to wash hands frequently when preparing food, keep food warm, fresh eyes, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Skin cancer

In some cases skin cancer appears in area skin who is often in sun light or UV radtiation. Malignant skin cancer coming in backs of a man and legs of women.
Another risk for genetic, tendency cancer skin usually coming on person who have light skin, green or blue eyes, red or blue hair and to much type of radiation.


Melanoma is skin disease in wich cell cancer appears in cells who gives colors to skin.  Melamoma is usually comming in adults , but sometimes it can be found in the child and adolescent. Skin protect body of heat, light, infection and injury. Consistis of two main layer, Melanocytes are in epidermis and they contain melanin that gives skin color.
Melanoma  is hard severe form of cancer  than the more common forms of skin cancer, which begins in the basal plate or epidermal cells. Melanoma can spread rapidly to other parts the body through the lympatic system of by blood. Lymph nodes small lesion in the form of beans that are fonud in all parts of the body, they produce and store cells that serve to fight infection.

Down syndrome

Aproximately one of 650 newborn children is born with Down syndrome,with cromosomic disorder which is happening with one chromosome more. That disorder is not allowing mental and fisical growth of a child. Down syndrome is possible everywhere in all races regardless to economic situation or way of living. Better study of Down syndrome is helping us to help ill people and give them chance for easier life.

Why is Down syndrome happening?
Human body is made of large number of cells. Every cell has a core where are located hereditary materials also called genes. Genes create group of genes and they are complexed in spiral which we call chromosomes. Every healthy person has 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs. Down syndrome is caused by parents gametes,when they give to embryo one chrosome more than usual. That is syndrome nobody can predict. Down syndrome is also called trisomy 21 because there are three copies of 21st chrosome. Despite years of studying,scientists still doesnt know why is that one chromosome happening. It is only known that women from 35 and older have bigger possibility to born child with Down syndrome.
It is known over 50 characteristics of syndrome. In dyagnosis mother can see right after birth,that baby is having specific look. Then doctor is taking some medical searches of blood which is called karyotype. Karyotype is showing number of chromosomes and their size and look. Here are some specific characteristics of ill children:
Muscular hipotony, reduction of tension of muscle
     Wide neck. The child may have a short, wide neck with excess skin and fatty tissue
     Inclined position of eye opening (the person's facial features mongol race, of which he was         commonly called "mongolodysm")
     A round face straight profile
     Abnormal form of ears
     Quick hands on the palm of a specific transverse furrow
     Small mouth and nose with a disproportionately large tongue
     Short and broad hands and feet, often there is a gap between the big toe and the adjacent finger
     Short rib cage of an unusual shape
     small head