Monday, November 7, 2011

Medicine ball exercises

Many exercises are performed with medicine balls fall into the category of explosive exercises that raise heart rate and allow for quick entry into the fat burning zone.
Medical ball used in strength training, ie as a means of training with resistance but also as a prop in plyometric training. It can be used for exercise intensity upper body (arms and trunk) and lower body, and can be used in the exercises add and throws.
Mental advantage of using medicine balls is that it provides a different way to exercise and ejects the monotony and stress accumulated monotonous exercise (eg, daily workout at the gym with weights).
Medical Ball provides easy and efficient way to develop and improve basic fitness skills through the implementation of very simple and effective exercises. Exercises carried out with medicine balls connecting strength, speed, endurance, precision, explosiveness through throwing, catching and hitting that can be performed individually or in pairs with another person or with a wall that serves as an imitation of a partner.

There are medicine balls of different weights, different materials and different shapes: soft, hard, water, associated with the rod, connected to a rope, etc. With them to perform various exercises depending on what the goal is to improve and how. It also should be caution to avoid unwanted injuries of the locomotor apparatus and thus delay the progress and development of those skills that we want to target leverage. Through advances in the amount of training and experience you gain by practicing training with medicine balls (strength training, plyometric training) increase the intensity or ekstenzitet exercise by increasing the number of repetition, batch number, weight, medicine balls, exercise depending on the complexity of what is our aim and we want to achieve. The great advantage of working with medicine balls is that through it we can imitate the movements of any sport and even the intensity of a particular sport. 
Also if you look at the economy by providing training with medicine balls with respect to space, time and material constraints, we can see its advantages. Sufficient to us is an area of ​​30 meters for throwing exercises, minimal space we need for storing medical and balls are also not expensive to the extent as some other accessories. Also a number of trainees at a time may use one medicine balls. When creating a program to conduct exercises with medicine balls, especially pliometrijskih exercises should be taken into account the specificity of sport for which the work program.

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