Thursday, November 10, 2011

Medical terminology dictionary

Encyclopedic dictionary of human and veterinary medical terminology is important for consistency and accuracy of vocational language. Latin and Greek sources provide the medical terminology of international importance, but comparatively developed and terminology in the vernaculars. Although in our systematic collection of medical terminology in a considerable extent developed in the late XIX. century, this region is dominated gaps to demanding project launched in cooperation with the English Academy of Arts and Sciences. 
Glossary of medical (human and veterinary) terminology adopted by the English word, showing her, usually in Latin, the origin, is a concise and accurate definition of the medical name given to the English and the Latin name gives synonyms in Spanish, German and French.
In the second part of the official index of Latin words. This has significantly enriched the legacy of the Institute gained developing medical encyclopedias and lexicons of Medicine and the database is created, which will continue to be supplemented. As a systematic account of all the medical terminology dictionary is an invaluable normative value of the discrepancy is corrected with respect to many other nations that already have similar manuals.

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