Thursday, October 27, 2011

Signs of pregnancy

Stay healthy when pregnant:

Every pregnant woman's life is a special time. This is a period of a woman to pay the most attention a healthy lifestyle, reasonable, balanced diet, harmful factors that may damage the embryo or fetus's health tax.
Alcohol is considered the most safe during pregnancy alcohol consumption is not, because the minimum amount of alcohol and alcohol can affect fetal development, resulting in the so-called. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS in the United States was diagnosed in 1750 newborns per year). FAS includes mental retardation, fetal growth retardation, including weight, height and head of the children, craniofacial, cardiac abnormalities, behavioral disorders perimeter. FAS is preventable, but you can not heal when damaged, but drinking during pregnancy. They are particularly dangerous spirit, but should avoid wine and beer, because the minimum drinking (1 drink per day) can cause fetal developmental defects, especially in the organs begin to form during pregnancy. Mild to moderate consumption of these beverages may lead to premature delivery.
Smoking, drugs and a very long time to have a clear recommended drugs: no smoking, no consumption of drugs. Obviously related to smoking, such as low birth weight, prematurity, low gestational age, sudden infant death syndrome and poor pregnancy outcome 1 age, birth stillbirth. The good news is that a significant number of pregnant women (40%) spontaneously stopped smoking during pregnancy, but 2 / 3 of these women do not abstain from smoking within the year of birth. Medication during pregnancy should not arbitrarily, but only in the doctor's recommendations, there is a drug consumption indicators, and categories, which for the safety of the fetus. Particularly sensitive period, the first three months, fetal organ development. In the systemic circulation, not only solved the rectal suppositories oral medication (oral), but also transdermally (through the skin) and, therefore, caution is necessary, mandatory, on the preparatory work of the doctor. Avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides and pesticides.

Coffee For most pregnant women, drinking two cups of coffee per day (containing approximately 150 milligrams of caffeine) is not dangerous, but we must avoid a lot of caffeine, 4 cups of coffee a day, or higher than the amount of over 500 mg of caffeine more pregnant. Caffeine (which includes chocolate, some soft drinks) 15 minutes after drinking coffee affect the central nervous system. Slight increase in blood pressure, heart rate and stimulate the body to reduce the amount of fluid in the urine, but the good hydration is the basis for a healthy pregnancy. Some studies suggest that more than 600 mg / day of caffeine can cause low birth weight.
Nutrition listeriosis caused by Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, and toxic and cause mild to severe gastrointestinal illness with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea is characterized. In severe cases of poisoning can cause abortion, that abortion, neonatal meningitis or sepsis. To prevent this situation from food-borne diseases, it is best to wash hands frequently when preparing food, keep food warm, fresh eyes, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables.

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