Monday, October 3, 2011

Skin cancer

In some cases skin cancer appears in area skin who is often in sun light or UV radtiation. Malignant skin cancer coming in backs of a man and legs of women.
Another risk for genetic, tendency cancer skin usually coming on person who have light skin, green or blue eyes, red or blue hair and to much type of radiation.


Melanoma is skin disease in wich cell cancer appears in cells who gives colors to skin.  Melamoma is usually comming in adults , but sometimes it can be found in the child and adolescent. Skin protect body of heat, light, infection and injury. Consistis of two main layer, Melanocytes are in epidermis and they contain melanin that gives skin color.
Melanoma  is hard severe form of cancer  than the more common forms of skin cancer, which begins in the basal plate or epidermal cells. Melanoma can spread rapidly to other parts the body through the lympatic system of by blood. Lymph nodes small lesion in the form of beans that are fonud in all parts of the body, they produce and store cells that serve to fight infection.

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