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Medical dictionary

Adrenochorycortops hormone ACTH. Pituitary hormone, which stimulates the adrenal glands are evil
disasters and the creation of androgens and the kortizol.
Determining the number of sperm examination and sperm morphology, movement.
The semen of Azoospermia is not good.
ASTHENOZOOSPERMY possibility of moving the sperm organism.
AIM (IUI) hornolog intrauterine insemination. Import semen wife.
Abstinence and sexual relations should stay.
AID heterologous fertilization. Import spermadonor (donor) in the uterus or fallopian tubes.
Anovulation lack of ovulation.
Deterioration of  Atresia.
Men with androgenic hormones Spoini (testosterone, DHT, androsterdion, etc.).
BLASTOMERE cells of dioborn (shares) opiodene ova.
Holyagscire more than 100 cells, embryos that differentiation.
Trench sharing (split) of the cells in the embryo.
BT basal temperature, this is a frequently measured (the mouth), under the same conditions, before you start up.
CD Color Doppler (color Doppler). Ultrasound test, which determines the blood flow to organs.
Ovarian glands, which form the cervix, which produces baked ovarian hormones for implantation of the endometrial.
Cervical neck of the uterus, which defends the pods Vault.
Changes in uterine cervical FACTOR the neck ovulation (cervical.).
Cytogenetic methods of chromosome analysis.
Endometrial decidua, with whom he had contact with embryos, and implantation.
DISMENOREA is painful menstruation.
The endometrium lining of the uterus. Under the influence of the hormonal changes of pregnancy, and organised. Peeling off and rejects the turns.
Endometriosis is the presence of endometrium tissue outside the pannikin be cavity places such as the ovaries, tubes, abdominal cavity.
Ovarian hormones, estrogen, adrenals and other tissues (e.g. fatty tissue).
Semen, semen.
Enucleatio surgery, which is flaking (remove) cyst Hi Mia.
Embryo in embryo.
Estradiol (E2), the most powerful estrogen. Basic spoini hormone encourages the women, who all tissues and organs.
Epididymitis. Ductus deferens scenario productive channels of the testes.
Eutetranychus orientalis inflammation endometrium.
FET (frozen embryo transfer) is the transfer of embryos that had previously been frozen.
The basic functional unit of the ovarian follicle. The number of eggs, the cells that produce hormones and the follicular liquid. Ovulation the mature follicle dispenser container
and release an egg.
FOLIKULOGENESYS growth of follicle.
Folliculus hormone FSH (pituitary gland hormone). Encourage the growth and maturation of the egg follicle. It also stimulates the production of hormones. I have the same functionality as the testis.
GAMET gametes. Eggs (for women) and the semen (men). GN-RH is an implementation of gonadotrop hormone-hormone, which stimulates the release of gonadotropins.
Hormone FSH and LH
HISTEOMETRY measures the length of the uterus and the cervix.
HSG histerosalpinography. Evaluation of radiological tests and it looks like the anatomy of the uterus and walkable cells of oviduct. For this purpose they used special as opposed to the catheter to introduce cervix.
Hysteroscopy endoscopic surgery, which is defined in the internal normainost patient lesions of the uterus (myoma, Octopus, concrescence, etc.) With hysteroscopy these changes can be removed.
Human chorion gonadotrophin HCG. The hormone, which is before the embryo proper, implnatation hormone and growth at the highest level of 9. pregnancy week and reserves
luteum function (progesterone production) deficit. (For similarities) is used to replace the Dodge LH ovulation induction (Profasi, Primogonil, etc.).
Hyperstimulation adverse reaction in ovulation induction.
Cavity HIDROTORAX liquid on the chest.
Implantation of mucosa of the uterus of embryo adoption. The embryo withdrew the seventh day after fertilization, and at the beginning of the pregnancy.
ALSO ventilation. Diagnostic procedure for determining the mobility of the fallopian tube.
ITI intratubal fertilization. Fallopian tube the import semen's wife.
Spermium injection ICSI Intracytoplasmatic the eggs.
IVF in vitro fertilization. Vitro fertilization.
With female infertility.

The physiological changes of semen sperm capacitation that creates a fertilizing capability.
Refrigeration, freezing, thawing and maintenance of embryos.
The laparoscopy endoscopic surgery, which determines the various changes in the organs of the abdominal cavity, including the swimming pool. Today, as many operations as possible.
LH luteinizing homnon (pituitary gland hormone). It is essential to the ovulation of women. The men, a function is to encourage the testosterone testes.
MESA Federal State institution the sperm isolation epididymitis.
MAR, MPP, the methods of assisted reproduction methods of assisted reproduction.
SEA embryo, which is more than 16 host.
Molla hydatidosa placenta tissue disease.
MICRODROP METHOD on the eggs in a small gate, where the greater concentration of sperm.
NORMOZOOSPERMY normal core in which each parameter are met
(Volume, number, possibility to move, morphology).
NECROSPERMY ejaculate the dead sperm.
Oligozoospermy has reduced the number of sperm.
Egg egg.
Ovary ovarian. Female genital organ and steam. These products an estrogen and progesterone hormone, androgenic. Also, the growth of mature follicle.
Ovulation the mature follicle eject, usually 13-15, the day of menstrual cycle.
 Constipation, Chair of the non-conformity.
Blockage in an obstacle.
ANTI-SPERM antibodies, antibodies, which cancelled out by the destroying or spermium Blood may be present on men and women, at its core,
mucous membranes, and the cervix, sick of the fallopian.
Polycystic ovary. Women's hormonal disorders syndrome in Road. Characteristic of irregular cycle, anovulation, in the enlarged
hairness and infertility.PZD partial open shell eggs (pelucide zone).
A group of hormones that are produced with Prostaglandin in various tissues (endometrium, plexes, etc) work smooth muscles and arteries.
Pap-test is cytological test in-testing Papanicolau smear with cervical (cervix).
Pituitary hormone prolactin perls, which affect milk production.
The hormone progesterone to ovarian corpus menstruainog  in the second half luteum cycle. Also create placenta.
PCT postcoital test. Sperm behavior of the cervical mucus profile in a few hours after intercourse, intercourse the uterus lining for determination of post-spoinog
number and semen movement.
Penetration test of fertilization.
Percutaneous sperm aspiration is the PESA the epididymitis, and here.
Prostatitis - prostate inflammation.
Debola/over partitions.
Decreased ability to SUBFERTILITY fertilize man (or woman).
Mom salary a woman, who is the embryo of what he is not biological and genetically (the merger of the gametes to someone else).
Suzi subzonal insemination semen.
Testes, the male sexual organ. Capable of spermium and testosterone.
The male sex hormone testosterone. There are women, and where the ovaries, adrenals, fatty tissue and other tissues (liver, skin, and so on.
TESA isolation Federal State institution in the testes of semen.
THERATOZOOSPERMY of semen that has decreased the percentage of morphologically.
SCHEDULE in advance of the time when ovulation would be ovulation.
Outer trophoblast layers of the embryo, which is placenta.
TUBOSCOPY endoscopic surgery to determine the internal fallopian tube.
TUBE fallopian. The bodies found on both sides of the uterus. Coming up the road to the fertilization ocytes, and embryos and gametes. Tube pagesfertilization
Ovum and the sperm.


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