Friday, September 30, 2011

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the cancer cells (malignant) diseases of the lung tissue. Carbon dioxide from the lungs take in oxygen to the body, byproduct of the metabolism of blood in the body. And inside are called to form part of the bronchi of the lungs. Small cell carcinoma and small cell lung cancer: There are two types of lung cancer, how it looks under a microscope, which is based. Who high risk, what are the symptoms of what doctors Find Treatment Warning? Each type of cancer cells to grow, spread in different ways, disagrees.
Small cell cancer, usually associated with prior smoking, passive smoking and exposure to unintentional. Usually non-small cell lung cancer usually have chemotherapy or radiation therapy and diagnosis and treatment covered. Non-small cell lung cancer can not be extended to diagnose and is available for this type of surgical excision. Metastatic lung cancer (extended lungs) can occur in almost all parts of the body and internal organs is a normal brain, bone, spinal cord and liver. Treat cancer is based on determining the type of cell the size of primary tumor and spread to lymph nodes, or areas of transition that much. The prognosis (expected recovery) and choice of treatment depends on the stage of cancer, if (it only affects the lungs or spread) is whether the size of tumors, cancer, symptoms and general health of the patient.
 Who with a high degree of risk?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death for men and women. This normally takes between 55-65 years of age and be affected by 1000 to 1. Lung cancer (83%), associated with smoking. Smoking is the number of cigarettes per day, begins to increase the risk of lung cancer and children Shown is that the risk is increased with passive smoking. you may increase the risk of still high levels of contamination, radiation or asbestos. heightened risk, Chef and chemistry.
 Which search doctor make?

Important is visits to doctor when coming next symptoms; cough, chest pain, who is not stop, wheezing when you breathe,shortness of breath, coughing up blood hoarseness or swelling of the face and neck. Listening to the noises in the chest Stethoscope establish a permanent When patient wash his hands can see changes on top of his fingers. If there are symptoms doctor will maybe look at bronchi with his special device – bronchi scope – which is going throat to lung. This analysis is happening in hospital. Before analysis patient is given in middle of throat. It causes pressure but not pain. Doctor is taking little parts of bronchi and put them on microscope to see if there are viruses that cause cancer. That procedure is called biopsy. Doctor can also put a needle to go to some places in lung that are difficult to reach.Cut is made in skin and needle is going between ribs. Than doctor again put that cells under microscope. Patient is in this procedure also given local anesthetic. Possibility of curing cancer depends of stage of cancer,if it is early or late stage and also depends about health condition of patient.

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