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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the cancer cells (malignant) diseases of the lung tissue. Carbon dioxide from the lungs take in oxygen to the body, byproduct of the metabolism of blood in the body. And inside are called to form part of the bronchi of the lungs. Small cell carcinoma and small cell lung cancer: There are two types of lung cancer, how it looks under a microscope, which is based. Who high risk, what are the symptoms of what doctors Find Treatment Warning? Each type of cancer cells to grow, spread in different ways, disagrees.
Small cell cancer, usually associated with prior smoking, passive smoking and exposure to unintentional. Usually non-small cell lung cancer usually have chemotherapy or radiation therapy and diagnosis and treatment covered. Non-small cell lung cancer can not be extended to diagnose and is available for this type of surgical excision. Metastatic lung cancer (extended lungs) can occur in almost all parts of the body and internal organs is a normal brain, bone, spinal cord and liver. Treat cancer is based on determining the type of cell the size of primary tumor and spread to lymph nodes, or areas of transition that much. The prognosis (expected recovery) and choice of treatment depends on the stage of cancer, if (it only affects the lungs or spread) is whether the size of tumors, cancer, symptoms and general health of the patient.
 Who with a high degree of risk?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death for men and women. This normally takes between 55-65 years of age and be affected by 1000 to 1. Lung cancer (83%), associated with smoking. Smoking is the number of cigarettes per day, begins to increase the risk of lung cancer and children Shown is that the risk is increased with passive smoking. you may increase the risk of still high levels of contamination, radiation or asbestos. heightened risk, Chef and chemistry.
 Which search doctor make?

Important is visits to doctor when coming next symptoms; cough, chest pain, who is not stop, wheezing when you breathe,shortness of breath, coughing up blood hoarseness or swelling of the face and neck. Listening to the noises in the chest Stethoscope establish a permanent When patient wash his hands can see changes on top of his fingers. If there are symptoms doctor will maybe look at bronchi with his special device – bronchi scope – which is going throat to lung. This analysis is happening in hospital. Before analysis patient is given in middle of throat. It causes pressure but not pain. Doctor is taking little parts of bronchi and put them on microscope to see if there are viruses that cause cancer. That procedure is called biopsy. Doctor can also put a needle to go to some places in lung that are difficult to reach.Cut is made in skin and needle is going between ribs. Than doctor again put that cells under microscope. Patient is in this procedure also given local anesthetic. Possibility of curing cancer depends of stage of cancer,if it is early or late stage and also depends about health condition of patient.

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Medical dictionary

Adrenochorycortops hormone ACTH. Pituitary hormone, which stimulates the adrenal glands are evil
disasters and the creation of androgens and the kortizol.
Determining the number of sperm examination and sperm morphology, movement.
The semen of Azoospermia is not good.
ASTHENOZOOSPERMY possibility of moving the sperm organism.
AIM (IUI) hornolog intrauterine insemination. Import semen wife.
Abstinence and sexual relations should stay.
AID heterologous fertilization. Import spermadonor (donor) in the uterus or fallopian tubes.
Anovulation lack of ovulation.
Deterioration of  Atresia.
Men with androgenic hormones Spoini (testosterone, DHT, androsterdion, etc.).
BLASTOMERE cells of dioborn (shares) opiodene ova.
Holyagscire more than 100 cells, embryos that differentiation.
Trench sharing (split) of the cells in the embryo.
BT basal temperature, this is a frequently measured (the mouth), under the same conditions, before you start up.
CD Color Doppler (color Doppler). Ultrasound test, which determines the blood flow to organs.
Ovarian glands, which form the cervix, which produces baked ovarian hormones for implantation of the endometrial.
Cervical neck of the uterus, which defends the pods Vault.
Changes in uterine cervical FACTOR the neck ovulation (cervical.).
Cytogenetic methods of chromosome analysis.
Endometrial decidua, with whom he had contact with embryos, and implantation.
DISMENOREA is painful menstruation.
The endometrium lining of the uterus. Under the influence of the hormonal changes of pregnancy, and organised. Peeling off and rejects the turns.
Endometriosis is the presence of endometrium tissue outside the pannikin be cavity places such as the ovaries, tubes, abdominal cavity.
Ovarian hormones, estrogen, adrenals and other tissues (e.g. fatty tissue).
Semen, semen.
Enucleatio surgery, which is flaking (remove) cyst Hi Mia.
Embryo in embryo.
Estradiol (E2), the most powerful estrogen. Basic spoini hormone encourages the women, who all tissues and organs.
Epididymitis. Ductus deferens scenario productive channels of the testes.
Eutetranychus orientalis inflammation endometrium.
FET (frozen embryo transfer) is the transfer of embryos that had previously been frozen.
The basic functional unit of the ovarian follicle. The number of eggs, the cells that produce hormones and the follicular liquid. Ovulation the mature follicle dispenser container
and release an egg.
FOLIKULOGENESYS growth of follicle.
Folliculus hormone FSH (pituitary gland hormone). Encourage the growth and maturation of the egg follicle. It also stimulates the production of hormones. I have the same functionality as the testis.
GAMET gametes. Eggs (for women) and the semen (men). GN-RH is an implementation of gonadotrop hormone-hormone, which stimulates the release of gonadotropins.
Hormone FSH and LH
HISTEOMETRY measures the length of the uterus and the cervix.
HSG histerosalpinography. Evaluation of radiological tests and it looks like the anatomy of the uterus and walkable cells of oviduct. For this purpose they used special as opposed to the catheter to introduce cervix.
Hysteroscopy endoscopic surgery, which is defined in the internal normainost patient lesions of the uterus (myoma, Octopus, concrescence, etc.) With hysteroscopy these changes can be removed.
Human chorion gonadotrophin HCG. The hormone, which is before the embryo proper, implnatation hormone and growth at the highest level of 9. pregnancy week and reserves
luteum function (progesterone production) deficit. (For similarities) is used to replace the Dodge LH ovulation induction (Profasi, Primogonil, etc.).
Hyperstimulation adverse reaction in ovulation induction.
Cavity HIDROTORAX liquid on the chest.
Implantation of mucosa of the uterus of embryo adoption. The embryo withdrew the seventh day after fertilization, and at the beginning of the pregnancy.
ALSO ventilation. Diagnostic procedure for determining the mobility of the fallopian tube.
ITI intratubal fertilization. Fallopian tube the import semen's wife.
Spermium injection ICSI Intracytoplasmatic the eggs.
IVF in vitro fertilization. Vitro fertilization.
With female infertility.

The physiological changes of semen sperm capacitation that creates a fertilizing capability.
Refrigeration, freezing, thawing and maintenance of embryos.
The laparoscopy endoscopic surgery, which determines the various changes in the organs of the abdominal cavity, including the swimming pool. Today, as many operations as possible.
LH luteinizing homnon (pituitary gland hormone). It is essential to the ovulation of women. The men, a function is to encourage the testosterone testes.
MESA Federal State institution the sperm isolation epididymitis.
MAR, MPP, the methods of assisted reproduction methods of assisted reproduction.
SEA embryo, which is more than 16 host.
Molla hydatidosa placenta tissue disease.
MICRODROP METHOD on the eggs in a small gate, where the greater concentration of sperm.
NORMOZOOSPERMY normal core in which each parameter are met
(Volume, number, possibility to move, morphology).
NECROSPERMY ejaculate the dead sperm.
Oligozoospermy has reduced the number of sperm.
Egg egg.
Ovary ovarian. Female genital organ and steam. These products an estrogen and progesterone hormone, androgenic. Also, the growth of mature follicle.
Ovulation the mature follicle eject, usually 13-15, the day of menstrual cycle.
 Constipation, Chair of the non-conformity.
Blockage in an obstacle.
ANTI-SPERM antibodies, antibodies, which cancelled out by the destroying or spermium Blood may be present on men and women, at its core,
mucous membranes, and the cervix, sick of the fallopian.
Polycystic ovary. Women's hormonal disorders syndrome in Road. Characteristic of irregular cycle, anovulation, in the enlarged
hairness and infertility.PZD partial open shell eggs (pelucide zone).
A group of hormones that are produced with Prostaglandin in various tissues (endometrium, plexes, etc) work smooth muscles and arteries.
Pap-test is cytological test in-testing Papanicolau smear with cervical (cervix).
Pituitary hormone prolactin perls, which affect milk production.
The hormone progesterone to ovarian corpus menstruainog  in the second half luteum cycle. Also create placenta.
PCT postcoital test. Sperm behavior of the cervical mucus profile in a few hours after intercourse, intercourse the uterus lining for determination of post-spoinog
number and semen movement.
Penetration test of fertilization.
Percutaneous sperm aspiration is the PESA the epididymitis, and here.
Prostatitis - prostate inflammation.
Debola/over partitions.
Decreased ability to SUBFERTILITY fertilize man (or woman).
Mom salary a woman, who is the embryo of what he is not biological and genetically (the merger of the gametes to someone else).
Suzi subzonal insemination semen.
Testes, the male sexual organ. Capable of spermium and testosterone.
The male sex hormone testosterone. There are women, and where the ovaries, adrenals, fatty tissue and other tissues (liver, skin, and so on.
TESA isolation Federal State institution in the testes of semen.
THERATOZOOSPERMY of semen that has decreased the percentage of morphologically.
SCHEDULE in advance of the time when ovulation would be ovulation.
Outer trophoblast layers of the embryo, which is placenta.
TUBOSCOPY endoscopic surgery to determine the internal fallopian tube.
TUBE fallopian. The bodies found on both sides of the uterus. Coming up the road to the fertilization ocytes, and embryos and gametes. Tube pagesfertilization
Ovum and the sperm.


Healthy snack

Several other food and almost no nutrients combined with nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, the company is not very healthy and tasty as well.They are rich in fatty acids, and unsaturated fatty acids of health but combinations. This means that an unlimited quantity of eat, but it is free to replace these fruit you need every day can be a part of fantasy. Expert 30g, five times a week is recommended. Instead of chocolate, pistachio almond oil free snacks, fans are used instead of margarine.

To improve the strained hazelnuts

A mixture of B vitamins, as well as nervs of the province and the stability of fatty acids to improve brain function. But that's not all: they reduce pain sensitivity and, happy hormone serotonin Lee insincere because the bulb contain substances, even if chronic problems with lighting.

The second is the blood pressure and reducing sugar of peanuts

Have you heard of arginine? It is the blood pressure, sugar and fat, called amino acids. Arginine and peanuts, and folic acid supplements, including the risk of heart disease and depression, in addition to variations of the fetus during pregnancy and reduced.

Pistachio third next protection

This is to create a feeling of saturation, fiber materials and digestion rate of colon cancer prevention is known. You still have the body of the material used to eat whole grains and vegetables. eat green fruits, delicious pasta fuck, you will get the same effect. If you have high cholesterol meal till date due to the following points to remember: American research is not enough for a 10% reduction in LDL "bad" pistachio nut 47 days.

Good for the heart is the fourth nut

Walnut fruit is the star among the bones, here are some reasons why research nut (decimal day) reduces the risk of heart disease the general consumption. Omega-3. In addition, the nuts are rich in ellagic acid, which has anticancer properties, and neutralize free radicals, skin cells in the brain and the heart is a very effective.

Coconut is ideal for the fifth player

Coconut milk is ideal for athletes, vitamin C and are rich in minerals. Unlike other fruits, coconut bone are not suitable for cooking unhealthy saturated fat and calories in half.

Cashew 6 (cash) is to boost your immune system

100g cashew nuts depth is 6 mg of iron, and a very important fact about vegetarianism. And nuclear weapons and this kind of zinc information at the top of the list. Zinc dangerous pathogens, especially for Defense increases and strengthens the lymphatic system. In addition, the nervous system and muscle relaxing and contains magnesium.

Brazil nut is the seventh strengthens muscles

Only six fruit steak 200g, protein and an equal amount of protein, such as, we need to build muscle and nerve cells. Brazil nut? Radicals links to toxins and free protection for the bulk of the Selenium improve the quality of sperm.

To prevent damage to cells as the eighth almond

Most people have enough vitamin E protect against inflammation and does not prevent cell damage. (About 30g) had a positive impact on the heart of the daily requirements of vitamin and almonds. In addition, the kernel has a beneficial effect on the skin of the hit teen, vitamins are included. Almond oil is creating softness and gloss, skin nutrition.

Health Recipes

Apple "

Eat an Apple a day, and you will not, 2. research shows that regular consumption of fruit trees, whipped cream and reduce the risk of a heart attack.
Apple fruit juices to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride over fiber.although and another material that has beneficial effects on health. 
To prevent this cancer that catechins items, source, and some studies show that the risk of lung cancer.
Anti acne
Crisp Apple Peel extract, and pieces. Pieces seeds in 250 ml of water in Apple slice and cook until mixture soft .chilled face. Cool skin irritated by acid apple cotton.
Against diarrhea
Fake two raw black tea with randomize and Apple and Apple salt pinch intestines cashew mixture.Disinfection of diarrhea and stomach mucous membrane this bacterie that causes to clean up.
Cough, sore throat, asthma
Honey and vitamin c and rinse water and vinegar, with throat cough plant with a bit of Apple Cider vinegar.
Nose Bunged
Apple Cider vinegar (vinegar 10 in 1 quart of water head) with hot water to breathe. Nostril can survive 12 hours.
Inhalation of hot water and vinegar, half and half ratio
High pressure
2 tablespoons of vinegar per cup of water on a regular basis!
Varicose Vienna
Apple Cider vinegar and rubbing the skin in the morning evening a month.To take care of improvement
Joint stiffness,
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and honey to drink a glass of water with a spoon.
Stress, fever
Sponge soaked in water with vinegar, Apple good clear body
For gum
Apple Juice anti-inflammatory action and fresh rose water 100 ml in a natural blur, on a dark glass bottle 250 ml and shaking time.After rinse and spit eating.
Doors, Windows, Dylan on the table!
The most common seasoning
Side-by-side with other vegetables in the soup, and a few different sauce and vegetables. For my taste, give a special flavor of the beans have been unthinkable without the celery. And other foods with thyme in small quantities.
Beneficial effects:
-It is a beneficial effect on healthy digestion;
Liberation of pollutants from the body, those who are terrified to give power to volatile-increases anxiety, movement, ended up with;
Juice and green parts is a positive effect in treating ulcers because it includes stomach mucus lines-
-The asthma lung diet, low back pain, it is useful in Dakar;
-Increase in appetite, increase the effectiveness of anti-prison;
-Renal and bladder, which is the bladder stone allows the expansion of the fair;
-Radicals, rheumatism, back pain and the majority of colds.
This 18th century in Europe, the Mediterranean and has begun to grow.
Mineral, vitamin, vitamin c, iron-rich in a high percentage of
Excellent food-spices
Put the papers on the spot of neck pain and inflammation as a tool, and abortion once acting diuretic, menstrual pain was used against, stomach, legs and breasts before menstruation in fluid retention.
-Promote hair growth.
-Taken from the mouth:
* Stomach
* Coughs and colds, congestion, asthma
* Irregular periods, PMS
: Medical care take orally in-
* High blood pressure
* Heart failure
* A recipe: a dried leaves, seeds, stems and adulteration or roots as available.
Tea dried leaves or roots decks are being constantly cleared:: start of boiling water in a Cup, 1 to 2 teaspoons of put and stand for 5-10 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day. Or fresh cut leaves and stems in hot water.
+ Nutrition and diet: raw, green leaves, which serves as a breath of food eat.
Side effects: none.
Airtron USA develops American RPG information
* Pregnant women and nursing mothers parsley parsley or butter, because it can juice the uterus contractions can stimulate. Served as a garnish plate with can be harmful if eaten some of the tasks.
* If parsley is often used as a medicinal plant, we in the case of potassium rich foods increase your intake of fresh vegetables, bananas or, need to remove potassium from the body because of diuretics.

Hot pepper, hot pepper,
-Vitamin c, d, B1, B2 are included.
-Hungry for small amounts, is used to improve digestion.
-Great for stimulating blood circulation
"Red pepper butter, and honey to prolong life.":-small quantity, useful for parents and Eastern wisdom says
According to popular belief, in any form-the bell pepper, strength, it is antiseptic properties and antiseptic;
-It is very important in food seasoning pepper. Unfortunately, not everyone gains and to find out about different changes color plates get focus.
- ". Pleasure derived from the Greek word meaning "mountain most used in Italian cuisine, American troops during World War II and learned Italian cuisine and become a big fan of pizza there is a typical condiment as love and oregano is a dish that only ... For the benefit of spices, although sometimes I add other seasonings, but the number of mini.
Omelets with tomatoes, beef stew, he agreed.

Sun alergies

The beaches are places where people prefer to spend most of their time. Often see different people: how to Tan, never a color "Bronze" and grandchildren who are older couples trying to build a sand Castle. Sometimes, we expect to attract people clothing famous wear hats, umbrellas wholesale. Why we did start accepting applications of someone sitting in the pants and the shirts over 40 of the various theories, we have to ask - is this person who is allergic to the Sun? And how will I know if I don't have the same problem?
Sun of litle and the main symptoms of allergy
Some sunscreens partially block UV light, so we have a tendency to develop allergic reactions, regardless of the protection.
Any person who is not allergic to the Sun? Is known for the food and drugs for some types of allergies, but the Sun is always in any unfair way aside and think of allergies. In fact, there are a few skin reactions have nothing to do with all factors external, of disease or a solar screen, called internal, which is the main type photodermatozes. In other words, the human development and photodermatozes rash or after exposure to the Sun and other forms of skin lesions. It is believed that this potential is your own response of the immune system in some parts of the skin sunny identified abroad and begin a skin rash, bulbs or changes in other forms of allergic reactions. Although it is more likely to burn bright colors, of Sun allergies choose not-affect people of all skin types.

There are many core performance eruption, they often seem so. PMLE (Polymorphic light eruption), polymorphic eruption of form. It is a relatively common condition, in 10 to 20% of healthy individuals. Usually, this reflects the place as if predilection neck and arms and legs folding in an irritating rash, occurs in the Sun for several hours. In General, after a sunburn, skin rashes and other changes for dinner throughout the day. Home eruption is usually caused by hardening of the skin rash, itching to repeat, if nothing, change is usually a few days only.

Interestingly, PMLE rash that looks like a single insect bites. Primary skin to UV - B radiation induced, can prevent most sunscreens and UV - rays penetrate more deeply into the skin. It is understood that it can through the window, which indicates the presence of allergies, transfer, such as travel by car.
In addition, some sunscreens partially block UV light, so we have a tendency to develop allergic reactions, regardless of the protection. Don't forget that these allergies tend to look for in their own families - investigations show that up to 50% of the Sun allergy are inherited.
Drugs and secondary causes of allergic diseases
In the development of allergic reactions should always consider using the "suspicious" of certain products or medications.
Certain medications and products, but certain diseases can also make your skin very sensitive to the Sun. Allergic reactions such as the main secondary eruption photodermatozes. Because of this phenomenon means that allergic reactions still considering whether to use the "suspicious" of certain products or medications. These substances are called light sensitive material, because we have reduced the threshold to the Sun-sensitive skin, after a short exposure can cause severe allergic reactions.
Some of the light-sensitive medications, including:

NT (including vitamin A)
Since NS AIDs (piroxica should mention)
Some antibiotics (such as tetracycline)
Anti fungal drugs
Oral medications
Sedatives (stress, tension and anxiety)
Triciclic antidepressants

Sensitivity, leading to high fotodermatozes some soaps can also occur after the use of anti-dandruff shampoo, perfume and deodorant, and even some sunscreens. Is it not bad to mention that artificial sweeteners, hair dye, oil and some common household substances found some fotoreactione as shoe Polish or suspend products.
Diseases of the skin, but also more sensitive to the Sun is usually a system, which is affecting the whole body. Do not forget to mention two - systemic lupus erythematozus and Porphia.


Antibiotics do nothing against viruses. On the other hand, bacterial infections will soon be resolved by the antibiotics. However, you do not have any solution cough with antibiotics. Although these drugs are often an important requirement in practice. Is due to disease. Therefore, you should know when and how best to take antibiotics:
Assess the seriousness of the situation
Cough and cold in the cold is quite adequate for first-line drugs. Or better yet, try it with drugs from nature! However, like pneumonia or severe sore throat, antibiotics should not be ignored serious illness, because it can be very dangerous, even life.

Targeted therapy
Usually provides broad-spectrum antibiotics at the same time work to more bacteria. However, experts believe that the best is to take those to bacteria, causing diseases of antibiotics. This can reduce the possibility of resistance to antibiotics. Talk about this with your doctor when you need to use antibiotics.

Adhere to medication prescribed method
How can effective antibiotics, it must be exactly the way you and dosage prescribed by a doctor. This applies to the treatment during the process. Even if your condition after two days of antibiotics to improve, you should end your drugs. With antibiotics, drink a glass of water, so your body can optimize the use of tablet ingredients.
Important note: while taking antibiotics, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

In addition, for the protection of
You are taking birth control pills, in addition to sexual protection condom. Antibiotics will affect the contraceptive action.
Update your intestinal flora
Antibiotics not only effective in the inflammation caused by bacteria, but also in your gut healthy bacteria. Therefore, treatment should be destroyed as soon as possible to restore the intestinal flora, so you drink two days of probiotic yogurt.
Worry about the frequency and quantity of antibiotics
Do you know where you are, what antibiotics the last drink? Only when your doctor familiar with this data, it can select the appropriate treatment, thereby reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Cancer symptoms

Colo-rectal Cancer (colon cancer), a serious health problem in the Western countries. The third cause of correctional cancer in men (after prostate and lung cancer) and women (breast and lung cancer) and death in cancer. Because of the different historical, of, are included in the treatment of Colo-rectal carcinoma. 2.5 times more common than colon cancer. Anal cancer occurs in a 12-15 cm, the cancer is.

Who is the risk?

Any special reasons for people suffering from colon cancer. Colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer risk factors, disorders related to the immune system with the development of different forms of cancer family history of polyps in other parts of the body. Relative to the duration of the risk of developing colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel disease, the first decade of the second decade of the 20% to about 3%, the third decade of life, > 30. The colon and rectum, cancer, only that 15% of the deaths from cancer as a result of cancer, lung cancer, because the cause of death, more and more. Between men and women in 1000 in the incidence of colorectal cancer incidence in the two most common colon cancer is very common for d'before women (1.1: 1) and colorectal cancer than men (1, which together,, 3: 1). The risk of colorectal cancer after 40 years. 60-65 the most common people. Age. Genes in our cells, the genetic characteristics of these sounds. Some forms of cancer patients with colorectal cancer mutation. Cancer cells, these genes can be detected by tests for the development of work. Dietary fat and cholesterol with a higher risk for colon cancer. Instead, they have a diet with plenty of fiber, grains, wheat bran, vegetables, yellow and green, and is supposed to protect. They are heavy and bile acids and fatty acids to the strengthening of the intestinal cells, as well as, calcium and prevent calcium-rich foods, the effect is said to prevent cancer, to stimulate production.

What are the symptoms?

• diarrhea or other changes in the gut, about 10 days
• bloody feces,
• Unexplained anemia
• pain in the lower abdomen and sensitivity,
• bowel obstruction
• Weight loss.
Other characteristics of the relationship in may:
• anal nodules,
• bloating, gas.
In the early stages of colon cancer, the patient is asymptomatic or causes of stomach ulcers or gallbladder vague abdominal pain, bloating, of a complaint. Or rectal bleeding, without a change in the intestinal system, as well as a small, often denied and/or as a result of hemorrhoids or other benign diseases. The left colon tumors are usually constipation and diarrhea, abdominal pain and obstructive symptoms of nausea and vomiting, as an alternative. Fuzzy on the right side of the colon cancer, abdominal pain, cramps can be caused by a variety of pain on the left created obstructive lesions. Severe blood loss, anemia, fatigue, weight loss and an abdominal mass is also associated with cancer may be the result of the right column. Symptoms of colon cancer, Hobby, incomplete defecation, sense of change in the bleeding and cramps.
If doctors are looking for?

Cancer patients, 50 or more of the development is more likely to be screened on a regular basis. Changes in stool or rectal bleeding, your doctor, there are tests that can determine whether the cancer cells. In general, you must first be a rectal toucher. Digital rectal exam when the doctor a thin layer of rubber gloves, rectal bumps, as the gentle movements of your finger to lubricate. Doctors of the rectum, where there is no blood test you have. Contact proctosygmodiscop sygmodiscop doctors and colorectal can be said that less than a special instrument. These views are called proctoscopie, was found half of the colon and rectum. By examining the patient the experience of feeling the pressure, but usually not a problem. If you take a traditional, as doctors found cancerous cells to determine whether the samples are microscopically examined. It's called a biopsy.


Treatment programmes for all patients with cancer of the colon. Treated in three ways:
• Surgery (removal of cancer)
(X, using the high-of ray or other high energy radiation to kill cancer cells) • Radio therapy
• chemotherapy (drugs, destroy cancer cells).
Surgery is a common method for the treatment of all stages of the Colorectal carcinoma. Of a very early stage of the cancer is detected, doctors can be removed from the stomach into the verse, without the cancer. In this case, the intestine through a tube into the rectum and the tumor is less. This is a local excision (cutting) is called. Stand there is a small button (polips) in the presence of cancer, the operation is called polips. If the doctors of the tumor and healthy tissue, a small part of the cancer (colon or intestines), remove the surrounding areas. After the health of the colon (anastomose), connected. The doctors also have a colon and to determine whether they remove the cancer cells to the lymph nodes near the micro-analysis. As a doctor to the intestine, the body, such as the opening of the waste from the body. It's called a colostomy. Sometimes the only escape from the intestinal tract after a colostomy was, to the healing. But it may happen, doctors must remove the colostomy, a permanent decline. That patients should wear a colostomy bag for a special storage of waste from the body. This special glue a small hole in the skin to adhere to the bag can be thrown away after use. There are no bags underneath clothing, most people. Especially in the treatment of colorectal cancer, tumors resection (removal) is based. Disease, tumor location (colon or the rectum), and radiation, depending on the stage, and other treatments, with or without local or systemic chemotherapy or immunotherapy. the prognosis (chance of recovery) and treatment options, disease stage (internal or colon cancer spread to other places), and depending on the overall health of the patient. Treatment, blood tests (to the amount of Antigen in the blood or the carcinogenic eritrocites measure) or go to x-ray examination of the cancer come back later.

The prevention

Prevention of possible causal factors, there is no specific prevention. The effect of early detection, prognosis and improved survival. The American Cancer Society recommends that if the annual fecal occult blood, rectal toucher and flexible, with no risk factors for asymptomatic patients under the age of 50 years and then each year after the age of 40 years, sigmoidoscopy 3-5 years. An agent can prevent colorectal cancer is the most studied antioxidants β-carotene, vitamin C and E, calcium, and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin.

Celiac disease

Celiac disease is intolerance to gluten body - a protein in grains is: wheat, rye, barley. The result is a gluten enteropathy, which is reflected in some of the people themselves and cause serious damage to the small intestine in the typical, causing reduced absorption of food.
Typical symptoms of the disease
Celiac disease is the most common baby, the child began taking food containing gluten.

Of celiac disease was the most common signs are:
- Vomiting
- To expand the abdomen,
- Diarrhea
- Rich bright, bad smell chair,
- Quick-tempered,
- Soft muscles,
- Fatigue.

In children, the elderly the symptoms can continue to age and height and weight below the standard low. Celiac disease may also occur in adulthood. Often hidden behind the external symptoms are not typical of a celiac disease and other diseases. People anemia, a bone disease, gastrointestinal problems, stress and abdominal diseases.

The only sure test, the diagnosis of peritoneal biopsy is certainly the small intestine. According to the small intestine samples proved to be typical mucosal changes: the villi are gone, mucosal thinning, atrophy.
Celiac disease is a lifelong intolerance to gluten. In rare cases, until the healing occurs in adolescence. They are often accused of celiac disease genes distant ancestors. In Scandinavian countries, celiac disease is more common than in Europe, Asia and the United States in almost non-existent.

The only remedy, and the first principles of celiac disease is gluten-free diet, last a lifetime. This means that the discharge from the diet all foods that contain grains: wheat, rye and barley. Recent studies have shown that oats are not harmful to people with celiac disease.

The necessity of maintaining a child
If you do not accidentally or intentionally put gluten, it may be a long time (years) there will be no signs that the body's response to the illegal products. It is so. Hidden, silent form of celiac disease. Who is also extremely difficult, they do not want many people's diet. It often happens, the parents that the child was healed. If no response body, it does not mean that patients can eat normally!

Health articles

Promote and act as an important neurotransmitter associated with mood and libido. This study has shown that re-hinojo for 3 months during the menstrual cycle on a regular basis. Conops continuous intake of regular ovulation. Increases fertility, in particular, why it is useful for women that they are more mature. I have taken full day of ginseng Anyusu or not their irregular periods.Read more...
Return late napWritten Mary has been active, adrenaline, speed, leaving their loved ones and daily excursions with too much information, especially for the needs of everyone else. The key to the good state of form, is a technique to maintain a balance of rest and fatigue often. Researcher, 10-45 minutes a day of sleep, stress, reduced stress and the fight against the risk of heart attack? This small "sleeper" that enjoy each day to cope with stress now and strong mental resilience alert.

Depression of animals!Written by MarySpring, because he can use long away now, buy a pet is the perfect time to move all the tricks to make your stay a comfortable one for people and... easy teaching to pets, especially dogs and depression, we need to walk w which have proved to be forced to reduce benefits and daily care. ...
First aid for burnsWritten by MarySkin burns are so tight and skin bites, sunburn can be uncomfortable at times, can occur. Mild Burns is to drink plenty of food and the authors note, keep in mind to avoid the Sun, they have tried for centuries of wisdom and help from the family pharmacy.
Please try to lie down in a cold bath with a cup of vinegar, when the Sun of the course. Mask of grated potato or slices of cucumber to change every 30 minutes is not, mint, lavender, tea and cold packs and some cups of vinegar or lemon juice can help.
To prevent the formation of blisters and food has no you and yoghurt or milk to lubricate the cold body if you could help regular mayonnaise is easy.
If it cannot be expanded and I tear leaf of Aloe Vera juice, it fell to fire twice in an hour.
Once the skin elasticity comments - is to increase temperature to close the pores of the body after St. John's wort a few days, so body Marigold friction with oils and greases, lubricating oils.

This summer, walk me barefoot!Written by barefoot MaryWalking can not put our consciousness associated with the space that surrounds us, so brawn swimming to develop the muscles and ligaments of the foot, contributing to the good position - we recommend. For large and small sizes.
-We are in the permanent state of shoes to feel normal and natural. -Royal collection, which are no longer hunters.In fact, our urban environment is a "reasonable" plagued by danger. If necessary, footwear and is designed for the feet to protect it, help - but we can still learn from scratch. The danger, if there is no izujte shoe felt the ground at his feet. I like the small stone in your shoe and your shoes to children in particular – is too rigid, inflexible not too high heel. You have to get them, while you enjoy the freedom of at least some of their feet, to teach them - was John Woodward, master technical Alexander said 25 years was barefoot.

This is the first time for the planting of herbs!Written by MaryHot spring... but then is the time of the first planting herbs.Some species or if the plant already is in his hand while proklijalu obtained a strong pot of plants (or seeds) and start to pan and place in the window sunny. Except after a week or two to grow significantly and the wonderful scent of fresh herbs at your fingertips as a first serve... plant once the plant cannot be transferred to more containers in the garden or balcony. Do crops?
This pair of super-spicy plants that they grow in the House-best outdoor.
-Chives, parsley, Sage, Rosemary, mint, lemon, lavender, garlic, basil, stevia, dill, Vegeta, teeth, oregano, pepper and chili...

Graves disease

The thyroid is located in the base of the neck, just below the Adam's apple. It has a butterfly shape. After a lap, or cutting your thyroid gland is located on each side of the trachea.
Thyroid production, storage and release of thyroid hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones, called T3 and T4, in almost every cell in the body to run, and help control the body's metabolism.
If you have too little thyroid hormone in the blood, your body slow down and weaken. This condition is called hypothyroidism. If you have a lot of blood thyroid hormone, your body speed up. This condition is called hyperthyroidism.
Determine the amount of thyroid hormones and adjusted to the other is in the brain called the pituitary gland is located. In the second part of the brain, the hypothalamus, pituitary gland helps to do your homework.
  send a message to the pituitary gland in the hypothalamus.
  pituitary, in turn, controls the thyroid.
Thyroid, pituitary and hypothalamus is jointly controlled by the thyroid hormone in your body number. These agencies will work like a thermostat to control room temperature.
As the reaction at room temperature the thermometer, the pituitary is sensitive to thyroid hormone in the blood volume. If your thyroid hormone level is low, the pituitary gland "open heat" release thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). TSH signal is sent to your thyroid gland produce more hormones and release into the bloodstream directly.
When thyroid hormone levels return to normal, feeling that the pituitary and the "heating off", created and slow return to normal TSH.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease, a bacterial disease caused by bacteria called "spirochete." In the United States, Lyme disease spirochete bacterium real name is borelia. In Europe, another bacterium, Treponema afzelii, also lead to Lyme disease. Deer ticks found on the number of ports in the stomach bacteria. Lyme disease through bites, their skin so that the bacteria infected humans. Lyme disease is transmitted from one person to another. Lyme disease can damage the skin, joints, heart and nervous system. Interestingly, the disease began to appear in 1975, when the children who live close to each other Lyme, Conn., mother of the group, the researchers were aware that their child was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This disease appeared "rheumatoid" eventually led a study to determine the children, who in 1982 was titled "Lyme disease" status of the bacteria causing an unusual group. Ticks can transmit Lyme bacteria in the stomach. Mites and other vector-borne bacteria from tick bites ljudi.Broj cases in the region depends on the number of ticks and the frequency of the current scale of a bacterial infection. In New York, the incidence of Lyme disease in some areas more than half of infected ticks. Lyme disease is most often reported in the northeastern United States, but in all 50 states, as well as in China, Europe, Japan, Australia and parts of the former Soviet Union reported. In the U.S., it is primarily a contract for the northeast from Maine to Maryland, Minnesota and Wisconsin in the Midwest and West, in Oregon and northern California.

Pneumonia symptoms

Reduced lung or pneumonia is an acute infection of lung tissue, such as the alveolar space and the space between the alveoli. Interstitial. And because one of the many possible causes: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and can occur through inhalation of dust content, chemical irritants, food or back (desire).

Description of Disease

The difference between the so-called pneumonia the doctor today. Typical and atypical bacteria, because they require different treatment. Bacterial pneumonia is usually caused by bacteria as follows: pneumonia, Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis. Atypical pneumonia, such as Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Legionella and bacteria caused by respiratory viruses. Mycoplasma pneumoniae is the center of a small (family), (collectively, and the kids at school) and large (city and region) typical causes of atypical pneumonia epidemic. Outbreaks can occur on a fairly regular basis, every 4-6 years. Outbreaks usually begin in the fall, grow slowly, taking several months, until spring. Usually ill students and young adults. Pneumonia is usually more frequent, sometimes severe in men than women. Respiratory viruses is a common cause of pneumonia in children (especially children under five).

Who's next?
Young people over 65 years had an increased risk of pneumonia. Pneumonia in the elderly is very serious, often fatal. In winter, frequent colds and viral respiratory infections, often preceded by pneumonia. Risk groups including children who are very young, their immune system is still immature. People who have a compromised defense (immune) system such as AIDS, chronic heart or lung disease or spleen removed because of various diseases have a higher acceptance of disease, chemotherapy or immunotherapy rather than long-term risk. Smoking damages the channel alcohol, respiratory reduce defensive white blood cells, anti-inflammatory effect.

Typical symptoms are cough, usually associated with mucus (sputum), fever, sometimes chest pain. Symptoms usually develop within a few days, sometimes with inflammation (pleurisy) pleura.

Bacterial pneumonia usually develops after an upper respiratory infection. Usually sudden onset, chills and shaking again. They feature the following characters: followed by fever, abdominal breathing in sputum and coughing makes the ipsilateral (purulent or worse), shortness of breath, chills. Many patients, especially those who are elderly, symptoms can be dangerous. Elderly patients may be only one of the following symptoms: confusion, fever, cough, fatigue, or have a special public (delirium).

Atypical pneumonia is usually slow, quiet performance of the bacteria, because the clinical symptoms gradually. Temperature gradually increased, and growing high-value, but few have the chills. Often referred to as a. Common symptoms - headaches, muscle aches and joint pain, malaise, fatigue, and sometimes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Cough is usually observed after 3-4 days, and regularly nadražajan dry, without the possibility of mucus. Why then nekarakterističnih diagnosis symptoms of bacterial pneumonia, often after X-ray of the lungs. Pneumonia virus usually does not differ, but the signs and disease, the results are similar to symptoms of atypical pneumonia.

What can I do to check?
Although most of the pneumonia is not life threatening disease and should not be confused with pneumonia, colds or flu. When you cough or fever, longer duration, please consult with a physician. NOTE: If you can not explain the behavior found in the elderly confused. Doctors sometimes cause pneumonia, but according to the interview (history) and clinical examination. During the examination, a doctor's stethoscope to listen to the lungs, they can hear the sound, the hum appears that the presence of fluid in the alveoli to. This sounds typical pneumonia. Your doctor may ask, heart and lungs, the site of infection, to determine the X-ray. He will be the number of blood tests and white blood cell (WBC) and the type of deposition rates, modify, add survey to determine the value of infection. Sometimes you microbe-specific antibodies, or isolated from sputum samples taken from potential pathogens.

Treatment depends on the possible causes and symptoms of disease severity.

Bacterial pneumonia, such as penicillin, macrolides (azithromycin), cephalosporin antibiotics. Although immediately after the treatment began experiencing significant improvement, you must complete the required antibiotics to take. Premature withdrawal could lead to relapse, and even lead to the emergence of drug-resistant bacterial species.

Atypical pneumonia. Although the pneumonia virus can use some form of anti-viral drugs (antibiotics have no effect on viruses), is a large fluid and rest. Sometimes it takes longer to viral and bacterial pneumonia from the patient's rehabilitation.

Atypical pneumonia with antibiotics to treat pneumonia caused by Microplasma. More common in children and adults of azithrom once daily for 3 days. This requires several weeks to recover fully. In addition, the main mode of treatment, your doctor is the supply of some non-prescription drugs, which are used such as fever, muscle pain, to reduce and relieve cough symptoms. If there is cough with phlegm, we must avoid drugs that inhibit cough. Coughing is a natural defense mechanism to the lungs.

Prognosis depends on the overall health status, and type of severe pneumonia. In young, healthy, this treatment is similar to taking antibiotics and resting at home. However, due to pneumonia, poor chronic pain, can be life-threatening diseases. A way of life-threatening pneumonia, lung full of inflammatory substances, preventing normal breathing. Another way is when bacteria from the blood of lung maturity, so that a condition called bacteremia. Through the blood, bacteria in each organ, causing as meningitis (inflammation of the meninges) is a very serious situation.

Although infectious pneumonia in addition to some of the reasons the disease is usually "no take" someone else. Pneumonia is the result of their weakened immune systems. Here are some tips that can help strengthen your body.
• all people 65 years younger chronically ill patients who require special protection, vaccinations. Flu vaccine each fall to do. Vaccines against pneumococcal disease provides longer protection and revaccination is recommended every five years. People suffering from pneumonia vaccine spleen.
• wash your hands. During the day, their hands come into contact with potential agents of pneumonia. To reduce exposure to these microorganisms, wash hands frequently.
• Do not smoke. Smoking damages the respiratory tract's natural defenses against infection.
• Take care of yourself. Adequate rest, good nutrition and moderate exercise can help strengthen the immune system.

Womens health

Feelings of anger in our bodys, products such as noun and milk and milk products in accordance with noradrenalin have excess hormones, yoghurt, cheese, Fury OFF negative emotions affect your commute prior document harmful substances brain activity-brain is, in fact, this diet stimulates synthesis inhibitors. anxolytic benodiazepines in a group of people, like a junkie.
It is recommended that the mountain of corn oil, sugar and serotonin in the brain, how can lead to the formation of the food. They cover them in a State of depression because we instinctively know that sometimes when you have one, "to go filne", you could call the food their depression mood also got sweets. Concentrated sweets and high fat products in small quantities, if you need to take. It offers them happiness and good taste to use a small amount of despair, they should not eat them because the "hot" one could argue that way. These products in our body because it gives more satiety also concentrated carbohydrates as candies and cakes for use, but a good atmosphere in the positive sense, the final result of this feeling in a short period of time from the start, at that time, grain and whole grain products. This is a new cake, you can use the temptation for us would increase weight and calories to lose control of his very easily.
In a State of anxiety or apathy fish and meat is recommended. Anxiety, improve your mood, together with the reduction in action, Turkey, chicken, white meat, and should provide preferential treatment, and mutton and beef is a good choice, these products return positive emotions and behavior as a result, the ability to remove blood vessels fish-brain and strong acids-Omega-3 fats is to protect the threads.
We are happy to recommend fruits and vegetables, all the same. In other words, more suitable products healthy feelings you can eat.