Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healthy snack

Several other food and almost no nutrients combined with nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, the company is not very healthy and tasty as well.They are rich in fatty acids, and unsaturated fatty acids of health but combinations. This means that an unlimited quantity of eat, but it is free to replace these fruit you need every day can be a part of fantasy. Expert 30g, five times a week is recommended. Instead of chocolate, pistachio almond oil free snacks, fans are used instead of margarine.

To improve the strained hazelnuts

A mixture of B vitamins, as well as nervs of the province and the stability of fatty acids to improve brain function. But that's not all: they reduce pain sensitivity and, happy hormone serotonin Lee insincere because the bulb contain substances, even if chronic problems with lighting.

The second is the blood pressure and reducing sugar of peanuts

Have you heard of arginine? It is the blood pressure, sugar and fat, called amino acids. Arginine and peanuts, and folic acid supplements, including the risk of heart disease and depression, in addition to variations of the fetus during pregnancy and reduced.

Pistachio third next protection

This is to create a feeling of saturation, fiber materials and digestion rate of colon cancer prevention is known. You still have the body of the material used to eat whole grains and vegetables. eat green fruits, delicious pasta fuck, you will get the same effect. If you have high cholesterol meal till date due to the following points to remember: American research is not enough for a 10% reduction in LDL "bad" pistachio nut 47 days.

Good for the heart is the fourth nut

Walnut fruit is the star among the bones, here are some reasons why research nut (decimal day) reduces the risk of heart disease the general consumption. Omega-3. In addition, the nuts are rich in ellagic acid, which has anticancer properties, and neutralize free radicals, skin cells in the brain and the heart is a very effective.

Coconut is ideal for the fifth player

Coconut milk is ideal for athletes, vitamin C and are rich in minerals. Unlike other fruits, coconut bone are not suitable for cooking unhealthy saturated fat and calories in half.

Cashew 6 (cash) is to boost your immune system

100g cashew nuts depth is 6 mg of iron, and a very important fact about vegetarianism. And nuclear weapons and this kind of zinc information at the top of the list. Zinc dangerous pathogens, especially for Defense increases and strengthens the lymphatic system. In addition, the nervous system and muscle relaxing and contains magnesium.

Brazil nut is the seventh strengthens muscles

Only six fruit steak 200g, protein and an equal amount of protein, such as, we need to build muscle and nerve cells. Brazil nut? Radicals links to toxins and free protection for the bulk of the Selenium improve the quality of sperm.

To prevent damage to cells as the eighth almond

Most people have enough vitamin E protect against inflammation and does not prevent cell damage. (About 30g) had a positive impact on the heart of the daily requirements of vitamin and almonds. In addition, the kernel has a beneficial effect on the skin of the hit teen, vitamins are included. Almond oil is creating softness and gloss, skin nutrition.

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