Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celiac disease

Celiac disease is intolerance to gluten body - a protein in grains is: wheat, rye, barley. The result is a gluten enteropathy, which is reflected in some of the people themselves and cause serious damage to the small intestine in the typical, causing reduced absorption of food.
Typical symptoms of the disease
Celiac disease is the most common baby, the child began taking food containing gluten.

Of celiac disease was the most common signs are:
- Vomiting
- To expand the abdomen,
- Diarrhea
- Rich bright, bad smell chair,
- Quick-tempered,
- Soft muscles,
- Fatigue.

In children, the elderly the symptoms can continue to age and height and weight below the standard low. Celiac disease may also occur in adulthood. Often hidden behind the external symptoms are not typical of a celiac disease and other diseases. People anemia, a bone disease, gastrointestinal problems, stress and abdominal diseases.

The only sure test, the diagnosis of peritoneal biopsy is certainly the small intestine. According to the small intestine samples proved to be typical mucosal changes: the villi are gone, mucosal thinning, atrophy.
Celiac disease is a lifelong intolerance to gluten. In rare cases, until the healing occurs in adolescence. They are often accused of celiac disease genes distant ancestors. In Scandinavian countries, celiac disease is more common than in Europe, Asia and the United States in almost non-existent.

The only remedy, and the first principles of celiac disease is gluten-free diet, last a lifetime. This means that the discharge from the diet all foods that contain grains: wheat, rye and barley. Recent studies have shown that oats are not harmful to people with celiac disease.

The necessity of maintaining a child
If you do not accidentally or intentionally put gluten, it may be a long time (years) there will be no signs that the body's response to the illegal products. It is so. Hidden, silent form of celiac disease. Who is also extremely difficult, they do not want many people's diet. It often happens, the parents that the child was healed. If no response body, it does not mean that patients can eat normally!

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