Thursday, September 29, 2011

Health Recipes

Apple "

Eat an Apple a day, and you will not, 2. research shows that regular consumption of fruit trees, whipped cream and reduce the risk of a heart attack.
Apple fruit juices to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride over fiber.although and another material that has beneficial effects on health. 
To prevent this cancer that catechins items, source, and some studies show that the risk of lung cancer.
Anti acne
Crisp Apple Peel extract, and pieces. Pieces seeds in 250 ml of water in Apple slice and cook until mixture soft .chilled face. Cool skin irritated by acid apple cotton.
Against diarrhea
Fake two raw black tea with randomize and Apple and Apple salt pinch intestines cashew mixture.Disinfection of diarrhea and stomach mucous membrane this bacterie that causes to clean up.
Cough, sore throat, asthma
Honey and vitamin c and rinse water and vinegar, with throat cough plant with a bit of Apple Cider vinegar.
Nose Bunged
Apple Cider vinegar (vinegar 10 in 1 quart of water head) with hot water to breathe. Nostril can survive 12 hours.
Inhalation of hot water and vinegar, half and half ratio
High pressure
2 tablespoons of vinegar per cup of water on a regular basis!
Varicose Vienna
Apple Cider vinegar and rubbing the skin in the morning evening a month.To take care of improvement
Joint stiffness,
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and honey to drink a glass of water with a spoon.
Stress, fever
Sponge soaked in water with vinegar, Apple good clear body
For gum
Apple Juice anti-inflammatory action and fresh rose water 100 ml in a natural blur, on a dark glass bottle 250 ml and shaking time.After rinse and spit eating.
Doors, Windows, Dylan on the table!
The most common seasoning
Side-by-side with other vegetables in the soup, and a few different sauce and vegetables. For my taste, give a special flavor of the beans have been unthinkable without the celery. And other foods with thyme in small quantities.
Beneficial effects:
-It is a beneficial effect on healthy digestion;
Liberation of pollutants from the body, those who are terrified to give power to volatile-increases anxiety, movement, ended up with;
Juice and green parts is a positive effect in treating ulcers because it includes stomach mucus lines-
-The asthma lung diet, low back pain, it is useful in Dakar;
-Increase in appetite, increase the effectiveness of anti-prison;
-Renal and bladder, which is the bladder stone allows the expansion of the fair;
-Radicals, rheumatism, back pain and the majority of colds.
This 18th century in Europe, the Mediterranean and has begun to grow.
Mineral, vitamin, vitamin c, iron-rich in a high percentage of
Excellent food-spices
Put the papers on the spot of neck pain and inflammation as a tool, and abortion once acting diuretic, menstrual pain was used against, stomach, legs and breasts before menstruation in fluid retention.
-Promote hair growth.
-Taken from the mouth:
* Stomach
* Coughs and colds, congestion, asthma
* Irregular periods, PMS
: Medical care take orally in-
* High blood pressure
* Heart failure
* A recipe: a dried leaves, seeds, stems and adulteration or roots as available.
Tea dried leaves or roots decks are being constantly cleared:: start of boiling water in a Cup, 1 to 2 teaspoons of put and stand for 5-10 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day. Or fresh cut leaves and stems in hot water.
+ Nutrition and diet: raw, green leaves, which serves as a breath of food eat.
Side effects: none.
Airtron USA develops American RPG information
* Pregnant women and nursing mothers parsley parsley or butter, because it can juice the uterus contractions can stimulate. Served as a garnish plate with can be harmful if eaten some of the tasks.
* If parsley is often used as a medicinal plant, we in the case of potassium rich foods increase your intake of fresh vegetables, bananas or, need to remove potassium from the body because of diuretics.

Hot pepper, hot pepper,
-Vitamin c, d, B1, B2 are included.
-Hungry for small amounts, is used to improve digestion.
-Great for stimulating blood circulation
"Red pepper butter, and honey to prolong life.":-small quantity, useful for parents and Eastern wisdom says
According to popular belief, in any form-the bell pepper, strength, it is antiseptic properties and antiseptic;
-It is very important in food seasoning pepper. Unfortunately, not everyone gains and to find out about different changes color plates get focus.
- ". Pleasure derived from the Greek word meaning "mountain most used in Italian cuisine, American troops during World War II and learned Italian cuisine and become a big fan of pizza there is a typical condiment as love and oregano is a dish that only ... For the benefit of spices, although sometimes I add other seasonings, but the number of mini.
Omelets with tomatoes, beef stew, he agreed.

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