Thursday, September 29, 2011


Antibiotics do nothing against viruses. On the other hand, bacterial infections will soon be resolved by the antibiotics. However, you do not have any solution cough with antibiotics. Although these drugs are often an important requirement in practice. Is due to disease. Therefore, you should know when and how best to take antibiotics:
Assess the seriousness of the situation
Cough and cold in the cold is quite adequate for first-line drugs. Or better yet, try it with drugs from nature! However, like pneumonia or severe sore throat, antibiotics should not be ignored serious illness, because it can be very dangerous, even life.

Targeted therapy
Usually provides broad-spectrum antibiotics at the same time work to more bacteria. However, experts believe that the best is to take those to bacteria, causing diseases of antibiotics. This can reduce the possibility of resistance to antibiotics. Talk about this with your doctor when you need to use antibiotics.

Adhere to medication prescribed method
How can effective antibiotics, it must be exactly the way you and dosage prescribed by a doctor. This applies to the treatment during the process. Even if your condition after two days of antibiotics to improve, you should end your drugs. With antibiotics, drink a glass of water, so your body can optimize the use of tablet ingredients.
Important note: while taking antibiotics, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

In addition, for the protection of
You are taking birth control pills, in addition to sexual protection condom. Antibiotics will affect the contraceptive action.
Update your intestinal flora
Antibiotics not only effective in the inflammation caused by bacteria, but also in your gut healthy bacteria. Therefore, treatment should be destroyed as soon as possible to restore the intestinal flora, so you drink two days of probiotic yogurt.
Worry about the frequency and quantity of antibiotics
Do you know where you are, what antibiotics the last drink? Only when your doctor familiar with this data, it can select the appropriate treatment, thereby reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance.

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