Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter colds(cold sore)

In the winter climatic conditions and the rejection of certain protective measures, reduces the resistance of the organism lljudskoga to pathogens, decreased immunity. Acute respiratory diseases are the most common illnesses in all age groups. They can range from the common cold and fever and influenza and pneumonia. Vaccination against common fever is pointless because it can not be vaccinated against a hundred different possible viruses that cause. Vaccination against influenza has been successfully done for years.
In the winter climatic conditions and the rejection of certain protective measures, reduces the resistance of the human organism to pathogens, decreased immunity.
The adverse winter conditions, which favor the development of acute respiratory diseases: a sudden change in climate, with daily fluctuations in temperature that the body needs to adjust, and it consumes energy. Less power to remain so for the immune defense processes. I breathe in the mouth, the mucosa is cooled and is more susceptible to inflammatory processes. Similarly with the mucous membrane occurs in a dry warm place. Short winter sun does not have enough ultraviolet light to kill infectious germs. Strong winter winds or drafts caused by loss of body heat. In winter, food is low in fresh fruits and vegetables that are sources of defensive vitamin A and C. Smoking increases the risk of illness as well as smoke-filled room in a closed room. In a closed space nezračenom easier transmission of pathogens from one person to another.
The implementation of personal protective measures is the best way to prevent disease. The first is the strengthening of the immune system. In doing so, helps shower alternating hot (three minutes) and cold water (20 seconds) in three cycles, which is well accepted as a habit from childhood. A similar effect was walking in the fresh air every day fast pace for 30-40 minutes. We should breathe only through the nose because the nose warms the air and purify. It is useful to the winter sun. Good thing less to stay indoors, smoky or polluted urban area. If circumstances do not allow spending of fresh fruits and vegetables, should daily take pharmaceutical preparations which contain the necessary vitamins and minerals. Sneeze and cough into a handkerchief should be, and if you happen to sneeze in your arm, then it is advisable not to handle or touch the items until the wash. You need enough sleep and be rested.

Flu is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory system.
The type of seasonal and occurs in winter. Caused by a virus group A, B and C, which is transmitted through the air, then droplets during close contact with an infected person. The disease occurs abruptly, with a very marked general symptoms. Dominated by high temperature 38-40 C, severe pain in the muscles, joints and bones, headache, feeling of malaise and weakness, loss of appetite. After a few days appeared hoarseness, cough, pain behind the sternum, sore throat and inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). The main risk of occurrence of influenza complications during or after an illness, disease, and should remain in bed. The most common complications are bacterial infections, particularly pneumonia. More often, the elderly, chronic patients and in those with reduced resistance of the organism. It is essential in the treatment of rest, take plenty of fluids, vitamins and means for lowering the temperature and pain. Taking antibiotics does not make sense since it is a viral disease that they do not work. Antibiotic treatment is only required in case of secondary bacterial infection. After preboljenja should take some time to recover due to the exhaustion caused by the flu. Before the advent of epidemic influenza, possibly in October vaccinated against it with your doctor. The vaccine is given as an injection into the upper third of the humerus. Immunity develops in two to three weeks. The protection lasts for six months and should be repeated every year. Vaccination is particularly recommended for elderly patients, heart, kidney, lung diseases, diabetes and transplant individuals. People often make mistakes and I think every winter colds or illness with fever flu.

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