Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy dinner recipes

Diet Tartar sauce

A dense liquid light yogurt (We recommend with Vitamin C, if possible)
1 medium to larger garlic (crushed)
a pinch of parsley, dried or fresh
teaspoon Vegeta or Vegeta Mediterranean salad
few drops of olive oil (optional)

The ingredients mix well and leave in the fridge. Super goes with poultry cooked fish of any kind (this is the best), soybeans (chopped steaks, medallions). You can also use it as a sauce for a seasonal salad. And how many calories there are yogurt (of course, if no oil)
You can put olive oil if You eat something cooked, if it is already baked in oil, then skip it.
It's really nice,people have been eating it even when they were on a diet.

Easy tomato vulture
couple of tablespoons of tomato concentrate or tomato juice, a milk carton
half an onion
Fresh soft Tomatoes (2) or canned tomato sauce
herbs - parsley, oregano, basil
a handful or two of rice or pasta for soup
few drops of olive oil (optional)

In water (about liter and a half) to put Vegeta and tomato concentrate (optional, and oil), cook until it boils. Then add the peeled and finely chopped tomatoes, or pelate (winter) and half the onion the cut once or twice (must be a great piece that can then be removed, even though I eat this) and leave for another 20 minutes to half an hour to soften all . Dosoliti and pepper to taste, put herbs and 2 Natreen (I love the sweet tomato, if you do not like one is enough. CAUTION! Cooked Natreen turns out sweeter than you may think). Then put the rice / pasta, when cooked soup is ready. Remove the "layer" port if you bothered (bothers many people). And enjoy your meal!

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